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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  June 7, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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and that's our quarterly wrap-up -- any thoughts? wow. outstanding. off the charts. boo-yah! excelente! that went well. add flavor to your day with dunkin's new breakfast burritos with fire-roasted veggies and delicious steak. try one today. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 breaking news. >> a taller was found a lot and a shoeless wandering through a neighborhood. this all happened in the 600
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block of morgan boulevard. jay korff is live with the greatest late -- with the latest. >> police have no idea what this caller was out here. the to their lack of judgment how old they are, they have no business being unsupervised on a street this busy. prince george's county police say at around 5:30 they receive the report of a little boy around the age of two walking alone and shoeless and carrying a plate of food. police tell abc 7 news they could not find the child's parents or his home. authorities say around 9:00 apparent came forward three and a half hours after their child was seen outside and a loan. this area is near a very busy road. townhouses on one side and
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apartments on the other. the child was checked out at an area hospital and appears to be unharmed. police trying to determine who was carrying for this child when he got out on his own. child protective services is investigating at this hour. authorities have not decided whether charges will be filed. >> thank you. to the council scandal in the district. the former chair will be heading to court tomorrow. expected to plead guilty to two charges that could send him to prison. the trail of trust surrounding local officials. >>tom is live outside of superior court with the fate surrounding kwame brown. . >> kwame brown has a very busy day tomorrow and not in a good way. at 11:00 he will be one block from here in federal court where
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he is expected to plead guilty to a felony charge. at 1:30 he will be here at d.c. superior court where he will plead guilty to a misdemeanor. this is all getting to be a little too much for area residents. >> it is very irresponsible for any elected official to be doing that. >> some say the charges are the latest problems that have left them unable to trust their government. >> it seems like every other week somebody else is getting into something. >> after learning about a federal charge of fraud yesterday, today we learned of a local charge over alleged campaign fraud. he is accused of not reporting hundreds of thousands he received in his 2008 campaign and passing along money to a firm run by his brother who was not charged. >> their city government is still strong.
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>> today marion barry try to assure the public is still can trust their government. >> i do not think there is widespread corruption. >> we spoke to the mayor and a town hall event. he points out that kwame brown is not accused of misusing tax payer money. things are going well and the district. >> a thing before people jump to conclusions they need to look at how well the city is running. >> the charge he is facing here in d.c. court carries a maximum of six months in jail. the one he is facing in federal court carries a potential of decades in prison. he may not get any time. we should know a lot more about what kind of plea deals he struck tomorrow. >> we will see what happens. stay with abc seven days for complete coverage of kwame brown tomorrow. sam ford will be there.
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for any instead updates you can log into keep up-to-date on facebook and twitter. >> we are monitoring a story from northwest where smoke was shooting out of a window where a building caught fire. nobody was hurt, but the fire did force officers to close down the area. there is no word on how the fire started. an investigation under way after an unflattering photo of a police officer surfaced on the internet. it appears he was asleep inside his cruiser. it was taken one month ago. we question the police about the photo and they say they are looking into the matter. >> police arrested a suspect who eluded officers after five months. they arrested brainard hyson for
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assaulting a woman in january. the victim was pushed out of a moving vehicle after the attack. a third person has died the following this horrific accidents. faith williams succumbed to injuries she suffered. her mother was traveling 100 miles per hour when the car slammed into a minivan. the other daughter and williams were killed. the driver of the minivan remains hospitalized. >> the showdown over same-sex marriage has intensified in maryland. a group supporting the effort to legalize same-sex marriage has opened at two offices, one in baltimore and the other in silver spring. they have also fired were -- they have also hired one dozen staffers to work across the state.
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organizers submitted the first round of necessary signatures for election officials last month. >> katie couric clears the air about her new talk show. >> will tell you about the interview she does not plan on getting. >> casino craziness. >> the campaign trail pitts stopped with a special treat. we're not talking about the pie is the first lady picked up.
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>> we turn to the battle for the white house this fall. in the last month it is a battle romney appears to win when it comes to money. mitt romney raised $77 million in campaign funds last month.
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the national republican committee has $107 million in cash on hand. president obama raised about $60 million in may. on a bit of a lighter note, michelle obama stopped by mom's apple pie company following her first official campaign event without the president. the little violinist is a 6- year-old girl from the area. she posed for pictures with the young musician and her mom. she picked up apple and sour cherry pie on the way back to the white house. >> four weeks published reports indicate a possible guest for katie couric's talk show. she sets the record state -- she says the record straight on who she is not pursuing. >> the grand opening of maryland at live.
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why some say the casino is creating a had a. -- head ache.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00 with leon harris, alison starling, doug hill weather, and tim brant sports. >> we are keeping a close watch on the traffic troubles around the maryland live casino. it is the closest one to washington. we show you the pictures last night at 11:00. roads were jammed for miles. >> on top of last night, all around arundel mills it already struggled with traffic before the casino opened. >> almost everyone we talked with today said their evening
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commute was either double or triple. there was an estimated 20,000 people visiting the casino and the first 24 hours of being open. they had no idea the traffic would be this bad. news chopper 7 had a bird's-eye view of the congested corridor leading to the newest casino. the thousands of flooding and the grand opening had those trying to get home hitting the brakes. >> to get on the parkway was impossible. it was bumper to bumper. >> person after person said the bw parkway was more like the b w parking lot. >> i talked to another girl who said it tucker one hour to get from the green belt road accident -- usually it takes three minutes. >> it took almost one hour to get to ridge road. it usually takes five minutes. >> the traffic troubles come as
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no surprise as the massive influx of casino was a source of contention. >> we are used to being able to move about and around like a main street neighborhood or something like that. now i think it has brought us to the spotlight. >> 10,000 people flooded the slot machines last night. locals wondered how bad things will get come the weekend or come christmas. >> eventually it will die down. i do not know how the holidays will be. >> just to give you an idea of how worried some people really were about the traffic problems, we had one lady tell us she quit her job because she did not want to have to deal with the congestion once the casino was up and running. >> thank you. seven is on your side with the latest of a new iphone arrival.
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virgin mobile will start selling prepaid iphones by the end of the month. the company hopes to lure in new customers by offering an unlimited data plan for $50. a cheaper $30 plan will include 300 minutes. >> katie couric is responding to reports she is trying to interview casey and the need for a new talk show this fall. -- casey anthony. they were hoping to interview her as the first big test. casey anthony was at the center of a national controversy over the death of her daughter. she was found not guilty. >> diane sawyer observed a milestone today. >> she did. it involved some tasty treats from our region.
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>> today is the one year anniversary of leon and allison at 5:00. >> you're remembered. >> i remembered like it was yesterday. we have some cupcakes today from -- >> oh my gosh. >> look at this. >> that is so nice. >> you are too much. >> you are welcome. he we celebrate you. >> i did not realize the first year was the cupcake year. >> apparently it is. >> did you see any of those cupcakes? where are the cupcakes? what we did not see those cupcakes. >> were we hear one year ago? >> sorry. >> leon went on to say --
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>> and a cupcake. >> it is a beautiful night. >> we have had a wonderful spot of weather. there were a few lonesome showers and frederick, maryland. what did that all lead to? there were a few after the sun broke out after the showers. look at this. a rainbow. guess who sent the rambo picture in, our own autria. somebody may have it there at arundel mills. there you can see what is left to the showers. there were a couple for you are around front royal. a couple around atlantic city to the lower eastern shore. a couple of others on the lower part of the bay.
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that is pretty much it. when the showers came through look at how much rain they produced. some spots but a fair amount of rain. some spots about a quarter inch of rain. temperatures for into the 70's. right now temperatures are into the 70's. here is the overall pattern as we go through the next 24 hours. there is what we have been having the past few days with the northwesterly winds and ripples that have come through. that was not breaking up. as we head into the week ended does start to move to the north. as that happens and as high pressure comes in on us, as we get on into the weekend an hour winds turned to the southwest some of the warmer air really come streaming in. it will be a pretty good weekend to head out to the beaches. temperatures will be in the mid 80's. some spots will be close to 90
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degrees. look at the air temperatures into the 80's. water temperatures, into the 70's through the outer banks. both saturday and sunday, a comfortable morning once again. beautiful morning. a little bit milder than in has been. still comfortable with reasonable humidity. some white northwesterly winds. as to get into a little bit more humidity coming temperatures approach or get a little above 90 degrees as we get onto sunday. most people think we will have over 50-60 days of 90 degrees or higher for this coming summer. have a cold cupcake. >> what do you think? >> unbelievable. >> they put the brahma away.
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they still hold onto first place in the east. miami turns up the heat. lebron james, what a performance against the caltex. -- celtics.
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> lets start with the nba. the miami heat facing elimination. let's go back to being town. lebron james was on a mission. he was tired of hearing people say he was running from the competition. boston tried to close the gap. paul per se the hero of game 5. 60-50. this is a masterpiece by lebron
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james. he was on a mission. lebron james with 41 of the heat's first 61. 45 points and 15 boards. the miami heat when 98-79. the redskins concluded there team activities. the full squad minicamp starts monday. the redskins' first draft pick has been working feverishly to line the playbook. there has been a fire hose of information firing at him. the light has gone on. >> i think i had a moment yesterday. defense was getting after us a little bit. we just tore them up. >> any time a quarterback has a a-ha , and you are feeling good. >> i am still waiting for the
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moment. the national's played a matinee against the mets. after taking the first two into the series the mets could not solve the the floating knuckle. a little extra sauce on this thing. goodbye. to-0 mets. five home runs the last eight days. that knuckle bar -- knuckleball was spicy. the nationals loose three-one. tempo said, to on, two out. gonzales rips a shot to right field. everybody running. to-0 boston. the red sox beat the orioles. at the u.s. open next thursday how about this group? tiger woods, phil mickelson, and bubba watsonl. you think the ratings will not
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be high for that? that will be an a-ha moment. >> we will be right back.
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>> the group held a special recession in chevy chase. it is to educate and support men and how to support the women in their lives. as you see faces and voices
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from tv, radio, and print showed up. i was honored to be among those honored to participate. it was a good time. >> it looks like a great event. over in bethesda it was a celebration of leadership. leadership montgomery give awards to five outstanding high- school seniors. the group brings together diverse people to make montgomery county a better place to live it. lots of inspiring stories. >> we
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>> ready for the weekend? tomorrow is friday. i forgot.
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if you are heading to the beaches we have an all on
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